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Chillable Reds Case

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The only thing more refreshing than a chilled white wine is a chilled red, trust us. This case of six bottles comprises two bottles each of three of our favourite chillable red wines, all juicy and deliciously unpretentious.

Pavia & Figli, Grignolino d'Asti

Bright and light cherryish red from Piedmont in north west Italy with a peppery finish. In the local dialect 'Grignolino' roughly translates as 'many pips' - wines made from the Grignolino grape must be pressed lightly to avoid crushing pips and tainting the flavour of the wine, resulting in red wines that are light in colour and body.

Durigutti, Cereza

Cereza is a native Argentinian grape that doesn't get as much play in the UK as it should. The skins of the grape have a pink colour resulting in a vibrant raspberry-coloured red wine that is fresh and infinitely refreshing.

Succes Vinicola, Trepat

A red wine made with the native Catalan grape, Trepat. This wine has a lovely complex palate ranging from ripe red fruits through to a hint of baking spice and licorice.