Beckford Bottle Shop

We think that wine should be enjoyed in a lovely environment

Buying wine should not be intimidating or too serious it should be fun and interesting and you should be able to try wine with tasty accompaniments. Our list has been carefully selected to offer a great depth of choice including many wines not available anywhere else and at the best prices we can offer.

BBS Tisbury

There is much too much written about wine, much of it pompous and overly elitist. The simple rule is you should always buy what you like but it can be rewarding to try something new. You can sample wines on our sumptuous red sofa accompanied by a selection of British charcuterie and cheese.
BBS Tisbury

BBS Bath

A much bigger venue in beautiful Bath where, as well as wine, cheese and charcuterie, we also offer a menu of inventive tasty small plates. In the mornings we are open for coffee and treats and on Sundays we have a brunch menu. Downstairs an elegant lounge opens up in the evenings. There is also a private dining room.
BBS Bath



21/02/19 at BBS Bath and Tisbury

Champagne & Fish 'n' Chips

We will be frying up mini fish and chips and serving them up with the perfect accompaniment Charles Heidsieck champagne what could be better to brighten up February.
31/01/19 at BBS Bath

Matias Riccitelli

Matias Riccitelli: One of the great young Argentinian wine makers will be talking about Riccitelli wines. We will be trying them accompanied by tasty snacks from our kitchen. Not to be missed. Booking essential - £20
28/02/19 at BBS Bath

Best of British Charcuterie

We will be meeting one of a new breed of British charcuterie makers Dhruv Baker, who will be talking about his journey from Masterchef winner to charcuterie producer. We will be trying his award winning Tempus products accompanied by some great wine pairs.