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Burgundy En Primeur 2022

Every year we have the opportunity to taste the wines of Burgundy before they are released into the UK market, and sometimes even, before they have been bottled (en primeur).

This is the best way to buy Burgundy, with many wines selling out before they have even landed in the country, and for all wines, this is the best price you can get.

Below is Travis and James’ selection of their favourite wines from the awesome 2022 vintage, plus some information on how En Primeur works and how you can secure your order.


The 2022 vintage in Burgundy

Following the difficult vintage of 2021, when spring frost had a huge impact on the volume of wine made across burgundy, 2022 was looked on with a lot of hope and expectation. The good news is that the weather delivered and overall, it was a warm and dry vintage, without the damaging frosts of the year before. There was also enough rain over the summer months to give the thirsty vines a welcome watering and help avoid heat stress.

The result was a plentiful harvest and thankful vignerons everywhere. The interesting thing is that while the weather throughout the growing season suggested a blockbuster vintage of big, bold wines, the reality is more one of restraint and balance - with fruit that was beautifully ripe but not too ripe.

Many domaines opted to harvest early and the last week of August must’ve been a whirlwind of activity with pickers everywhere! This helped preserve freshness and acidity while having enough phenolic ripeness and concentration to suggest some excellent aging potential.

Overall, the conditions and yields appear to have given the domaines more freedom to make winemaking and stylistic choices compared to 2021, which was very much a vintage of necessity.

We were really impressed with the wines we tried at January’s tastings and we’ve got a fantastic selection to offer you for this year’s En Primeur. The whites are elegant and structured, the reds surprisingly fresh but with a wonderful depth to them.

Overall, a theme of both colours is wines that are both really enjoyable now and also showing great potential for cellaring - we can’t wait for you to try them!

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2022 Burgundy wines (prices shown are per bottle)


Saint-Véran, Saumaize Michelin - £26.17
"A wine for immediate enjoyment, and in my opinion, very good value."
Pouilly-Fuissé "Les Tilliers", Saumaize Michelin - £34.90
"Expect a balance of rich oak spices with white flowers and ripe citrus fruits in a wine that is deliciously indulgent."
Montagny Les Coeres, Domaine Berthenet - £24.93
"This is a real food wine and a great value pick."
Rully Montagne "La Folie Blanc", Claudie Jobard - £32.41
"Immediately very expressive, with aromas of ripe citrus and peach and a lovely savoury depth on the palate."
Saint Aubin “Cuvee Thomas”, Vincent Latour - £39.88
"A very generous wine with tangy lemon curd and lime zest on the palate, rounded out with a mellow, stony spicy finish and a sleek texture."
Meursault “Les Grand Charrons”, Philippe Bouzereau - £68.13
"Very classic and just what you would hope a Meursault should deliver."
Mâcon-Fuissé “Vers Chanes”, Domaine du Clos des Rocs - £27.70
"An immediately enjoyable wine and a great value too."
Pouilly-Loché “Les Barres”, Domaine du Clos des Rocs - £32.68
"A really satisfying buttery, spicy richness complemented by deep stone fruits and a lovely vein of acidity."
Bourgogne Blanc, Armand Heitz - £28.53
"This is a plush wine that far exceeds the generic ‘Bourgogne’ label."
Chassagne-Montrachet “Les Chenevottes”, Armand Heitz - £106.19
"Restrained and elegant, with a real richness of body and depth."
Aligoté “Auvonnes Au Pépé”, Domaine Sylvaine Pataille - £55.94
"An explosive lemon sherbet acidity leading into a lean and elegant palate."
Chassagne-Montrachet, Jean-Marc Pillot - £65.91
"The Chassagne this year is as good as we had hoped – one of my favourite renditions from Pillot."
Saint Véran “En Pommards”, Domaine de la Croix de la Senaillet - £21.84
"A lovely bite of crisp green apple and apricot and a mineral finish to keep you coming back"
Saint Véran “Le Grande Bruyere", Domaine de la Croix de la Senaillet - £21.84
"This Cuvée displays a much more exciting style your average Saint-Véran."
Pouilly-Fuissé “L’Ame Forest”, Domaine Eric Forest - £30.73
"This kind of opulence is just what I hope for from a wine with “Pouilly-Fuissé” on the label."
Bourgogne Blanc, Domaine Eric Forest - £23.21
"This is a wine that far exceeds its name, with a lot of intensity and interest for the price."
Bourgogne, Chardonnay Domaine Gavignet - £24.73
"This was the most classically styled of the ‘Bourgogne’ wines that we tried this year."
Rully Blanc, Domaine P&M Jacqueson - £29.28
"A gorgeous, succulent, rich style with notes of fresh pear, green apple and white blossom."
Meursault “Cuvee Charles Maxime”, Domaine Latour-Giraud - £62.96
"This will be the earliest-drinking of the Meursault that we tasted this year."
Meursault “Les Narvaux”, Domaine Ballot-Millot - £81.25
"It’s inescapable, this is a big wine – all of the heft you would want in good Meursault."
Chassagne-Montrachet Blanc, Domaine Fernand et Laurent Pillot - £57.18
"The mineral quality that we look for in this appellation is very clear in this wine."
Chablis, Domaine Adrien Defaix - £23.86
"This was (in our opinion) better than many of the cru Chablis that we tasted."
Chablis “Cote de Lechet” Premier Cru, Domaine Adrien Defaix - £30.87
"Is this the best value wine of the whole lot this year? I think maybe it is."



Lettre d’Eloise, Bertrand Ambroise - £21.60
"Juicy cherry fruit, black plum and an earthy finish."
Bourgogne Cote D’Or, Jean Guiton - £26.04
"The lighter style of this Pinot allows the perfumed nose to sing."
Volnay “Les Petits Poisots”, Jean Guiton - £54.28
"The delicacy of Jean Guiton’s winemaking allows the aromatics to explode out of the glass."
Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Marc Roy - £46.34
"Unbelievable purity of lush red fruits with a nice spicy finish."
Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Marc Roy - £89.56
"The Marc Roy wines are always sleek and effortless, bold and rich.. and this is no exception."
Rully Rouge Chaponnieres, Domaine P&M Jacqueson - £29.28
"A wine that balances effortless enjoyment with a sneaky seriousness and building complexity."
Côte de Nuits Villages, Bertrand Ambroise - £35.31
"Jumps out of the glass with aromas of ripe and dried cherry, plum, and the characteristic Côte de Nuits spice"
Marsannay “Grasses Tetes”, Domaine Coillot - £44.31
"You will be hard pressed to find a more complete and complex Pinot at the price from anywhere in Burgundy."
Gevrey Chambertin, Domaine Coillot - £59.27
"The wine has a lovely array of flavours, leading with wild cherry and leading all the way to an almost Syrah-esque depth of flavour"
Marsannay, Domaine Sylvaine Pataille - £39.80
"This wine shows Pataille’s signature style of elegant, fruit-lead Pinot Noir."
Nuits-Saint-Georges “La Charmotte”, Domaine Gavignet - £48.00
"This wine leads from bright floral raspberry into rich black bramble fruits, and then layers of spice."
Nuits-Saint-Georges “Aux Thorey” Premier Cru, Domaine Gavignet - £64.63
"Nuits-Saint-Georges always tends towards the darker-fruited, more brooding end of the Pinot Noir spectrum and the wines of Gavignet are no exception."
Nuits-Saint-Georges, Henri Gouges - £65.91
"The wines of Henri Gouges are famously long-lived and impressive and exemplify the quality and potential in the region."
Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge, Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay - £37.67
"This was my favourite Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge of the tastings this year."
Morey-Saint-Denis “En Rue de Vergy”, Domaine Felettig - £60.58
"This wine proved unputdownable, with a deep and quite savoury palate."
Gevrey Chambertin “En Champs”, Philippe Livera - £64.63
"The wine is solidly built, with big tannins and a structure that will inevitably unfurl as the wine ages."
Gevery Chambertin “Clos Village”, Philippe Livera - £67.95
"I would suggest that this the primary candidate for long cellaring of our Gevrey Chambertin picks this year."

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What is En Primeur?

En Primeur is kind of like a wine futures market. It is a way to buy wine before it has been released into the market - quite often, before the wines have even been bottled.


Why buy wine that isn’t available to drink yet?

The first (and most boring) reason is that this is the cheapest way, by far, to get hold of these wines. Once they have been imported into the country and word gets out, prices will shoot up. We will always offer a discount to our customers buying En Primeur with us.

The second reason is that many of these wines will not be available later in the year. Even in a plentiful vintage, such as 2022, the best wines (and the best value wines) will all be purchased before release. That means that if you want them, you have to lock them up early. Burgundy is the bestselling wine region in our wine shop, and a wildly popular fine wine region around the world.

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How will I know what to buy?

At Beckford Bottle Shop Travis and James have been in London tasting as many of the yet to be released wines as possible (it’s a hard life). They have rubbed shoulders with those that control the flow of Burgundy and have managed to score cases from some of the most sought-after winemakers.

They also have put their heads together and written descriptions of all the wines, allowing you to investigate this year’s Burgundy haul for yourself.



There might not be enough wine for everyone who orders from us to have every bottle that they choose. The Burgundy order that you will place with us here is more of a "wish list". As soon as we close our En Primeur offer we will be in touch to confirm availability of all wines. We will try to distribute the most sought-after wines in as fair a way as possible.


How do I order and pay?

You can browse the En Primeur wines on this page and add your chosen wines to your cart. Then simply go through the online checkout process as normal - there'll be nothing to pay at this point, but it will submit your order to us. Once we have arranged allocations, we will ask for a deposit of 20% of the value of your order.

The rest will be charged at the point that the wines arrive, which should be any time between May and October this year.

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When will I get my wine?

Most wine will arrive between May and October this year, and we will be happy to arrange deliveries of the wine, once it has arrived. It is worth bearing in mind that a few producers held their wine back this year (from the 2021 vintage) and as such some wine was not made available until January this year.

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